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Vernier push-pull throttle cable.  Vernier "head" and cable are separate and connect together via a threaded nut on the cable which makes it easy if you ever need to replace just the cable or just the vernier "head".  The vernier head is now made out of metal as opposed to plastic. 10/32 threaded end for hooking to throttle linkage (may require ball joint kit if you do not have one currently).  Vernier head and cable included in this package. 

Choose between 15 foot and 18 foot lengths  (the 2 sizes used by Century Boat)

You will need to measure your cable but on Century Boats the 15 foot was common on most Resorters and Sabres.  18 Foot was a common size on Coronado and Arabian

Plastic star shaped handle with push button

Custom lengths available - Please contact us for more information.  4-6 week turnaround time.  Pricing varies by length ordered.