Century Boat Upholstery

Award winning Century Boat upholstery Kits made from the original century Boat Upholstery Patterns

We have the original factory upholstery patterns from old Century Boat Co. (Manistee, MI) and we offer new, original upholstery kits for your Century Boat.  We even have the original die-electric stamping machine that we use to make the original Century embossed logo (see below) and the embossed lines or squares often found on many models. 

We custom make these kits from scratch for each customers boat. We do not have pre-made kits ready to go on the shelf.  This allows you to choose what color or colors you would like to have in your kit.  An added bonus is that the two upholsterers that do our sewing, also did it for Century and have been doing Century upholstery since the mid 1960's. 

A little bit of history for you: Century had a lot of items made by another company here in Manistee called Fortier Inc. This company made the upholstery, windshield frames, cutwaters, ladders, step pad frames and many other miscellaneous chrome hardware items for Century Boat.  It was Century's right arm basically.  The two ladies that do our sewing are daughters of the late Larry Fortier, the owner of Fortier Inc. They started sewing when they were teens. 

More about the kits. The kit would arrive to you with all the seats, seat backs, motor box, etc. already cut and sewn and ready to install. The price of the kit will vary by model (see upholstery kit pricing below) but would include all the vinyl in the boat such as: individual seat bottom cushions (earlier models) or front seat bench bottom, front seat back, front seat back panels, complete motor box and lid, rear seat bench bottom or cushions, rear seat back, side panels, upper inwales.  Certain model Century's like the Seamaid and the outboards (Palomino, etc) would not have motor boxes, so the price would reflect that.  If your boat has vinyl covered decks, then the deck vinyl would be available, but at an additional cost. 

Foam or flooring is not included in the price of the kit. Your job (or an upholsterer) would be to remove the existing upholstery, inspect the foam and the wood board that it was stapled to and determine if foam replacement and/or wood replacement is necessary. This is a good time to consider replacing the wood boards as they are mainly plywood and fairly inexpensive to cut new exterior or marine grade plywood boards and then paint with bilge paint (sold separately). Then you are ready for installation of the new upholstery. 

Lead time on making a complete upholstery kit is normally 4-6 weeks. Occasionally we run into circumstances that cause the lead time to be longer such as time of year (busier in the summer) and because temperature sometimes affects the die electric machine.  A minimum deposit of $500.00 is required at the time of order.  Please e-mail or call us if you have any questions or if you are interested in ordering a kit.

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Arabian wood (1955 - 1961) $2,200.00
Arabian wood & FGL (1966 - 1968) $2,800.00
Arabian fiberglass 180 (1976 - 1980) $2,000.00
Arabian fiberglass 200 (1969 - 1977) $2,200.00
Arabian fiberglass 200 (1978 - 1986) $2,200.00
Cheetah (1968 - 1970) $1,900.00
Colt, Palomino, Roan outboards $1,800.00
Coronado (1955 - 1964) $2,800.00
Coronado (1965-1966) $3,000.00
Coronado (1967-1989) $2,800.00
Coronado Cardel (1982 - 1986) $3,000.00
Corsair (1961) $1,900.00
Mark II (1970 - 1975) $1,900.00
Resorter 15 $1,800.00
Resorter 16 wood & fiberglass $1,900.00
Resorter 17 $2,000.00
Resorter 18 wood & fiberglass $2,000.00
Resorter 19 wood & fiberglass   $2,200.00
Resorter 20 wood    $2,200.00
Resorter 21 wood $2,200.00
Sabre fiberglass    $1,900.00
Sabre wood  $2,000.00
Seamaid    $1,900.00
Ski Dart    $1,700.00
Ski Fury 16 & 19     $1,800.00


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