BARN FIND New Old Stock Vintage 32” Mahogany Stern Flag Pole


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Once in awhile we come across a gem of a part. During one of my picking adventures I bought a few parts and one of them was this flag pole. It was dusty and dirty but I knew we could rework it and replace parts as needed. However little did I know after some cleaning and polishing that I realized this flag pole is NOS (new old stock) and never on a boat!!! The chrome polished up like new, there are no holes in the wood where a flag would have been installed and if you look at the bottom of the pole there is absolutely no signs of use. The white plastic globe is still white and not that aged yellow they get from use and UV exposure. I plugged it into our flag pole tester and it lit up like it was supposed to….and considering it is at least 40 years old that was probably the first time it was ever lit (outside of factory testing). The only thing this could use but doesn’t necessarily need it, is a new coat of varnish BUT it’s totally useable as is. 

So here is the deal, you can buy a brand new flag pole from us for $350 BUT this one is priced a tad higher due to its vintage new old stock 40+ year old nature….where will you find another? In 25 years this is a first we have ever found a new old stock pole. Plenty of decent used ones but this is a conversation piece.  Buy for use or just as a wall hanger decoration. You will be the only one with a 40+ year old never used flag pole.  It almost could be a museum piece.