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PLEASE NOTE: THIS IS NOT A "HOW TO" OR EVEN A VERY DETAILED OR TECHNICAL MANUAL....and is NOT specific to any model.  This book is VERY BASIC in nature and was probably made to satisfy some boating or Coast Guard requirement.  

This is a better manual to buy just to have as part of your "original" documents paperwork

Mid 1970's and early 1980's Century Boat original factory manual in mint condition and has never been "used". This IS NOT A REPRODUCTION. This was one of the books that came with the purchase of a new boat....usually along with a basic engine manual. 

AGAIN....this is very very basic information with brief descriptions on things like "what is an inboard", "advantages and disadvantages to an inboard", plus has a nice inboard engine diagram of all the components of an inboard.

This brochure is 16 pages not including front and back cover.

Great brochure to have if you have a mid-70's or 80's Century or just to have as part of a collection