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Cutwater, Coronado - pre order

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This is for a PRE-ORDER for a custom CENTURY BOAT CORONADO cutwater....we do not stock cutwaters as there were too many models and therefore we have them custom made for your boat.  Lead time is 2-4 weeks.  PLEASE NOTE: we have to have a "quantity in stock" online so you are able to add one to your online order or cart.  We DO NOT have these actual cutwaters in stock.

YOU WILL NEED TO LET US KNOW WHAT MAKE, MODEL AND YEAR YOU HAVE either by calling us at 231-723-8308 or adding it to the payment page when you check out. 

PLEASE NOTE: THIS PRICE DOES NOT INCLUDE THE 1959-1962 CORONADO...which we can do but is harder to make and costs a little more....see other listing on our website for these boats.

We have the original patterns from Fortier Industries who made the cutwaters for Century.  Dave (Chet) Hilliard who works here used to work for Fortier Industries and made a lot of the hardware including these he is able to make them from the original patterns.

Cutwaters will be made out of POLISHED STAINLESS and will look like chrome and much more durable.  The original cutwaters were brass and chrome plated.  Over time the original cutwaters split at the bottom and can be dented easily.  The stainless cutwaters are tig welded and much stronger.  Brass cutwaters can be made for the same price BUT will need to be chrome plated which can easily double the cost. 

This price is for Century Boat cutwaters (excluding the 1959-1962 Coronado).  We do not have any other boat company patterns so this is not the price for any other boat like Chris Craft or others...BUT CAN BE DONE if you send us your cutwater for a quote. 




Cutwater, Coronado - pre orderCutwater, Coronado - pre order

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